The SaaS starterkit you have always dreamed of

Are you ready to launch your SaaS tomorrow?

Currently in preorder: 250$75$

Everything you need, out of the box

Equilibre is based on Nuxt3, Supabase and TailwindCSS.

User management

Authentication, forgot/reset password, roles/permissions, social logins. Powered by Supabase.


Basic components like buttons, container, avatar, inputs... A strong form and errors management powered by FormKit.


Gumroad is ready to go with a custom integration! Handle your user subscriptions easily.

Developer friendly

Thanks to Nuxt3, enjoy a lot of pre-made composables, a custom API, a layout system and so much more.


Equilibre is strongly documented. If you have any question, just contact us through our Slack community.

1 Year of updates

Once you have made your purchase, you will have access to our Github repo where you can get free updates for 1 year.

Keep in touch

If you wish to follow the development of Equilibre, leave us your email address! We will keep you posted on the news and inform you on the day of the release.